Invisible Creations


Invisible Creations®

Our journey to design for dignity ™

The In-House OT Service is now working in partnership with Invisible Creations®, which is a start-up business founded to create attractive, discreet, dual-purpose home adaptations, and is developing a range of extended product solutions, which can be strategically placed around the home to aid mobility and make daily living easier. 

The key driver is prevention; by providing more attractive, dual-purpose products, that are desirable rather than off-putting, Invisible Creations® aim to get these installed in homes earlier, therefore preventing falls sooner and supporting people to live independently for longer. 

Invisible Creations® isn’t just about providing products; it was born out of a desire to do more… to improve lives, to prolong independence, to design for dignity™ and to combat the stigma associated with ageing. At its core, Invisible Creations® is about people, collaboration and creativity.

The idea for the business was created in the National Housing Federation’s Creating our Future innovation programme in 2018 and has received significant support from the housing sector, and housing associations are now beginning to install the initial product range into their housing stock.

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