Services For Individuals

The In-House OT service provides professional advice and offers practical solutions for individuals, enabling people to do the things they want to do in order to live independently and safely at home.

When we are physically well and have no ailments we all take our daily routines for granted. Getting washed and dressed, making a meal, going up and down the stairs, shopping, cooking, watching TV or hanging the washing up.  But when simple tasks become more difficult or impossible to complete, life can become frustrating and upsetting. This, in turn, affects our confidence, our sense of self and our quality of life.

Occupational Therapists are the experts in “doing” and excellent at identifying the barriers that restrict us in “doing”. We use a unique problem-solving approach to overcome these obstacles using a variety of techniques.

By completing a functional assessment we identify your strengths and difficulties in completing activities. We then break down the elements that each task requires, and looking at how the environment impacts on you, as well as assessing your physical abilities and the difficulties you experience, we adopt a person centred, problem solving approach to identify a variety of potential solutions.  

These may include:

  • Recommending specific equipment items or adaptations
  • Advice on ‘doing’ or carrying out tasks in a different way
  • In some cases we may suggest additional treatments or signpost you to other health care professionals

In-House OT Service works flexibly with you and will respond to your needs and wishes.

Recommendations are aimed at meeting your needs both now and in the future, whether it’s a consultation to design an accessible bathroom, impartial advice on equipment or liaising with your architects, surveyors and builders.

I always advise contacting the Local Authority in the first instance as you may be able to obtain an Occupational Therapy assessment without charge.   In some cases, where there may be lengthy waiting times for assessments, local authorities will accept the assessment and recommendations of an independent Occupational Therapist. However this needs to be checked with your local Social Services Department.

Contact your local council for more information.